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Test booking dates to Avoid please

When booking your practical test, I would be grateful if you would please avoid choosing the following dates. These are dates that I cannot attend, either due to a concurrent test booking, or a personal commitment.

If, however, there is a test date that you must take and it clashes with one of the dates below, please call or text me on 07845 705 598 as it may be that my commitment falls outside of your test slot times, and I could then accomodate your test.

Be aware to allow about 2 and a half hours (lesson fee 2 hours) from start to finish for your test : this allows for a pre-test lesson, then the 45 minute test and debrief, followed by the Instructor driving you home (regardless of the test outcome).

From SEPTEMBER 2018, I may not be available for a test time after 2pm on a tuesday, thursday, friday. Please endeavour to AVOID booking the first test slot of the day, unless you really have to. However, please contact me if you need to have an earlier test slot, and I might be able to re-arrange for this.

JUNE 2019
Tuesday 18th (am)
Tuesday 25th (am)
Wednesday 26th (am)

JULY 2019
Monday 1st (midday)
Tuesday 2nd (midday)
Monday 8th (am)
Tuesday 9th (am)
Tuesday 16th (am)
Wednesday 17th (early am)
Tuesday 23rd
Thursday 25th ~ TBC
Friday 26th ~ TBC
Tuesday 30th (midday)

Thursday 1st ~ TBC
Friday 2nd (pm)
Tuesday 6th ~ TBC
Thursday 8th (am)
Friday 9th ~ TBC
Tuesday 13th ~ TBC
Wednesday 14th (pm)
Thursday 15th ~ TBC
Friday 16th ~ TBC
Monday 19th
Tuesday 20th
Thursday 22nd ~ TBC
Friday 23rd ~ TBC
Tuesday 27th (am)
Thursday 29th ~ TBC
Friday 30th ~ TBC

Saturday 14th

Monday 7th (early am / late pm)
Tuesday 8th (early am / late pm)
Wednesday 9th (early am / late pm)
Thursday 10th (early am / late pm)
Friday 11th (early am / late pm)

.... Thank you !     :o)