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Services available
from Natty Driving

Natty Driving offers you patient and friendly tuition of the syllabus below, or simply advice for those experienced drivers who may be less confident at certain driving aspects. I usually use a four-door, petrol or diesel, manual (gear-driven) car, with a 1.2 / 1.4 engine.

Natty Driving is available to you if you require any help with the Theory Test, or if you have any questions arising from your revision.

People with an anxious or particularly nervous disposition are very welcome. Patience and perserverence on the part of both Instructor and Pupil usually deliver success, and discussing underlying concerns in a semi cognitive therapy approach is often the key to resolving many issues.

The driving tuition syllabus covered comprises the following topics :

The Basic Safe Driving Routines

  • Introduction to the car and its controls
  • Safely and smoothly moving off and stopping
  • Steering and feeding the steering wheel through the hands
  • Smooth gear changes
  • The need for and practice of frequent mirror checks and general observation

  • Junctions

  • Turning left and right from a major road to a minor road
  • Turning left and right at a T-Junction from a minor road into a major road
  • Crossroads
  • Traffic light junctions
  • Roundabouts

  • Sharing the Road with other Users

  • Pedestrian Crossings
  • Meeting Traffic
  • Clearing parked vehicles

  • Reversing Manoeuvres

  • Reversing in a straight line
  • Turn in the road, also known as a three or five point turn
  • Reversing around a left hand corner
  • Reversing around a right hand corner, and reversing on the right
  • Parallel reverse parking
  • Reverse & Forward bay parking

  • Advanced Driving Routines

  • Uphill and downhill starts
  • Emergency Stop

  • Faster A roads and dual carriageways
  • Country lanes
  • Navigational driving (known as 'Independent Driving' by the DSA)

  • In addition, we can discuss or experience poor-weather driving and night-driving.

  • I am happy to offer a mock test service prior to a test if you so wish and if we both feel that it will be useful - bear in mind that there are pros and cons to running a mock test.

  • With prior arrangement, parents or partners are always welcome to accompany us on a lesson, to review how their child / partner is doing on their learning process.

  • Motorway

    If required, singular motorway lessons can be provided to a learner, a new, or an experienced full-licence holding driver for a slightly higher fee than a normal lesson. This provides experienced advice in safe conditions, negotiating joining and leaving the highway (for services and for motorway changes), changing lanes and overtaking, and speed and distance awareness both ahead and to the rear.

    Pass Plus

    The Pass Plus service is also offered. This is a government-backed scheme that provides more advanced observational tuition and advice to a new driver who has been driving for at least 1 - 2 months since passing their test, and covers such topics as night driving and motorways. It's also tied in with a number of car insurance companies to reduce the often high cost of insurance for a new driver.
    The course is a minimum of six hours comprising six modules, and is certified at the instructor's discretion. The qualifying certificate is then presented to a participating insurer and the new driver's car insurance can be discounted in price.

    International Licence Holders

    Drivers from outside of the EU who hold an international driving licence should be aware that it is only valid for 12 months in the UK. You will be required to pass a UK practical driving test before it expires to obtain a UK driving licence. I am happy to help you prepare for the driving test in the event of this situation.

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    About Nat       Services       Licence       Theory Test       DSA's 'Show Me Tell Me'       Practical Test

    Prices & Lessons       Passes       Testimonials       Articles       Contact       Welcome

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