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The Theory Test

You can book your Theory Test appointment directly with the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) either by phone or online.

0300 200 1122

The fee to the DSA for the Theory Test is, at January 2011, 31.

For your Theory Test, which is in a multiple-choice format, you will be required to learn the Highway Rules in your own time and pace, and practice at the interactive Hazard Perception cd-rom which also makes up the examination.
You must successfully pass the Theory Test before you can apply for the Practical Test !

The minimum purchase to study for this is the latest copy of the Highway Code and the HP cd-rom, though other resources are available, such as the DSA's own 'Question Bank'. Many publishers have produced these, so shop around for content and price.

A good (and free !) online resource for Theory and Hazard Perception Test revision can be found here at MONKEY. Of course, there are many others out there too !

What to expect on your Theory Test

  • The Theory Part

    The Theory Test takes place at a test centre separate to the practical test, and is often located in or near the town centre. Toilets and vending machines are available, and once you have introduced yourself at reception and you are called in to the exam room, make your way to a booth that holds the computer monitor.

    If requested, you can use earphones to listen to the question scenarios be read out to you ; however, the multiple choice answers will not be read out, and you have a time limit to complete all the questions. You may flag and return to review a question at the end of the test.

  • The Hazard Perception video clips part

  • DOUBLE BEND After a brief respite, the Hazard Perception section of the test will begin. As with the cd-rom you will have practised on previously, about 15 one minute long video clips will play. You are required to click your mouse when you see a hazard developing ; constantly clicking will disqualify you ! The purpose of this test is to measure your reaction speed through your hand-eye coordination.

  • The end stage of the Test

    Afterwards, you will return to the waiting room, and within five minutes the result should be printed out and handed to you. If successful, you have two years within which to pass your Practical Test.

  • Keep your Theory Certificate number safe - you will need it when you apply for your Practical Test.

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